Publications du GDR

Biological Flow in Large Vessels  Dialog Between Numerical Modeling and In Vitro/In Vivo Experiments – coordinated by Valérie Deplano, José-Maria Fullana, Claude Verdier,  ISTE and Wiley, (2022).

S. Merlo, S. Losserand, F. Yaya, P. Connes, M. Faivre, S. Lorthois, C. Minetti, E. Nader, T. Podgorski, C. Renoux, G. Coupier, E. Franceschini, Influence of storage and buffer composition on the mechanical behavior of flowing red blood cells, Accepted in Biophysical Journal, 2022.


Publications communes entre équipes du GDR

Chassagne, F.; Molimard, J.; Convert, R.; Helouin-Desenne, C.; Badel, P. & Giraux, P. Bandages Static Stiffness Index Is Not Influenced by Calf Mechanical Properties but Only by Geometrical Changes, Biomechanics, 2022, 2, 87-94. (LIBM/Sainbiose)
Bonnaire, R.; Han, W. S.; Convert, R.; Calmels, P. & Molimard, J. Feasibility of a Full-Field Measurements-Based Protocol for the Biomechanical Study of a Lumbar Belt: A Case Study, Biomechanics, 2022, 2, 174-187. (LIBM/Sainbiose)
Richert, R.; Farges, J.-C.; Maurin, J.-C.; Molimard, J.; Boisse, P. & Ducret, M. Multifactorial Analysis of Endodontic Microsurgery Using Finite Element Models Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2022, 12(6), 1012. (LAMCOS/Sainbiose)
V. Audemar, T. Podgorski, and G. Coupier, Rheology and structure of a suspension of deformable particles in plane Poiseuille flow, Phys. Fluids 34, 042013 (2022). (LiPhy/LRP)

Laforgue, A. Fertin, Y. Usson, C. Verdier, V.M. Laurent, Efficient deformation mechanisms enable invasive cancer cells to migrate faster in 3D collagen networks, Scientific Reports, 12, 7867 (2022). (LIPHY/TIMC)

– C.E.G. Garcia, C. Verdier, B. Lardy, F. Bossard, F.A.S. Martinez, M. Rinaudo, Chondrocyte cell adhesion on chitosan supports using single-cell Atomic Force Microscopy, Int. J. Polym. Anal. Charac., 27(1), 71-85 (2022). (LIPhy/LRP)


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